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  • They were very responsive and professional!
    Enjoyed working with Mr. Davis and his team. They were very responsive and professional. I highly recommend. They're extremely experienced as well!

    - Taylor M.

  • I can't say enough great things about her and her wonderful team!!
    I absolutely loved working with this attorney's office. I worked with Mandee specifically regarding a modification of a custody and child support judgement and she was very realistic, proficient and professional. I can't say enough great things about her and her wonderful team!!

    - Emily S.

  • I can’t recommend Davis and Pingel enough.
    Where do I start? I went to Pat Davis when my marriage fell apart. What started as a basic divorce developed into an extremely high conflict case with daily developments. Most of those developments were unprecedented in the world of family law. Pat and his team handled these curveballs with the poise and timeliness expected from a lawyer with 33 years of experience. After 6 extremely tense months we were able to conclude the matter in the best way imaginable.
    The team at Davis and Pingel are the reason my life, and more importantly my daughter’s life, is filled with happiness today. It could’ve been much different. Pat was always prepared for the worst and when it happened we were ready. His team, Claire specifically, drafted court documents which mitigated future problems that I didn’t even foresee. Their expertise continues to pay dividends months after the conclusion of this matter. I can’t recommend Davis and Pingel enough. They were with me every step of the way and continue to be there for me whenever I call.

    - Adam M.

    Kansas City, MO
  • She understands and respects the challenges to all family law matters
    I should start off by saying this review is long overdue as my experience with Davis | Pingel law firm was far better than I could have expected. I recently hired Attorney Mandy Pingel and staff to represent me in my Divorce case and her dedication to providing excellent customer service and going above and beyond to communicate with me through every step of my case made everything far more manageable. I should also mention that the legal fees were far less than expected and I never felt that I was being taken advantage of financially. I was only charged for the actual time that each service took to complete and small fees were regularly waived.

    My case was complicated by the fact that I am serving in the Military and stationed out of state in North Carolina resulting in a significant time and distance barrier. While researching Law Firms in Kansas City, MO during late in 2018 Davis | Pingel stood out to me because of the online reviews from Service members that had good experiences working with the Law firm while stationed out of State.

    I contacted the law firm to set up a free consultation while visiting family in KC over the holidays and met with Attorney Mandy Pingel. She immediately made me feel at ease by answering all my questions and assuring me that she would be able to handle my case given the challenges of cross-state communication. Having never been involved in a legal dispute such as this, I didn’t know what to expect and felt overwhelmed, but was relieved to feel that Attorney Pingel had my best interests in mind.

    Once I enlisted the services of Attorney Pingel she quickly started the process in filing for my divorce and kept me informed each step of the way. What I was most impressed with throughout the process was how seamless communication was. Every time I had an issue or concern Attorney PIngel would address it as soon as possible despite her busy schedule. I could contact her after hours or during weekends and always received a timely response. There were several obstacles that I encountered over the course of the divorce process due to my ex-wife’s efforts to delay the court hearings in order to continue receiving military mandated spousal support. However, Attorney Pingel was there every step of the way to provide sound legal advice.

    The biggest challenge to my case was that I received deployment orders and required a court date prior to my deployment date which was late in 2019. I had a very narrow window in which I could make a court appearance in Missouri due to training and other service-related obligations. Attorney Pingel went out of her way and ensured that I had a court date that I was able to make. Furthermore, she was able to close out the case and finalize my divorce with only one court appearance. I was spared very significant financial burdens and an incredible amount of personal stress due to the efforts of Attorney Pingel.

    Whether you are living in KC or are a resident serving in the Military out of state I could not give a higher recommendation than I give to Attorney Mandy Pingel. She understands and respects the challenges to all family law matters as well as the unique challenges that service member encounter. Additionally, I need to mention that her support staff, namely Paralegal Tsion Mehari, went above and beyond throughout all phases of my case. Paralegal Mehari worked over her weekend to ensure that court documents were completed for my hearing and answered all questions that I had through the process.

    - Sam M.

  • Mandee's experience and professionalism proved to be a huge asset.
    Mandee Pingel handled my divorce and a subsequent legal issue with my ex-wife. Mandee's experience and professionalism proved to be a huge asset. In both cases, Mandee was able to produce the results we asked for. Thank you Mandee!

    - Tony

  • We will never be able to express how much the team means to us.
    You ALL have been so awesome and worked with us so much during this case. We will never be able to express how much the team means to us. What the team has done for Jaidyn will always mean the most to Steven and I; getting her to a better place was our final goal. DAVIS, PINGEL AND ASSOCIATES helped us to reach this goal!!!

    - Desiree

  • I want to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you
    I want to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you. I found you to be a very strong advocate, but also a creative and thoughtful person regarding settlement options which promoted a better life for our clients' children. Not many lawyers can play both roles, and you did so very naturally. I respect you and am motivated after working with you to be a better, smarter attorney.

    - Opposing Counsel in a Recent Case

  • I would highly recommend this law firm!
    I would highly recommend this law firm! The lawyers and their team are professional, efficient, and always have their client's best interest in mind during litigation. The team remains in constant contact with their clients throughout the litigation process. They maintain a professional demeanor while in court and concern themselves with even this smallest of details while representing their clients. We are extremely grateful for having the best team on our side! Thank you!

    - Lindsay

  • 5 stars do not do this law firm justice!
    5 stars do not do this law firm justice! I went through a messy divorce a few years prior to meeting Mr. Davis and Mrs. Pingel. I eventually decided it was time to go back to court after some issues with the original divorce decree. I interviewed 5 lawyers in a 75 mile range (one famous KC lawyer too). 3 firms did not think I had enough "evidence" to modify my current paperwork. 1 firm told me I took too long in my original meeting and charged me $200.00. So the last firm to meet with, was Davis and Pingel. I hired them on the spot. They spent 1.5 years on my case...1.5 years! The length of time might seem long, but I feel my case came with a high degree of difficulty. The firm kept me updated on what they were working on in my case, my bill, court proceedings, and EVERYTHING else that involved my case. Phone calls were ALWAYS returned, emails were ALWAYS answered (and usually within an hour) and my questions were always answered. Nobody wins in court, but I feel victory was certainly accomplished in my case. During the course of the battle I felt like I actually had family members working my case instead of an "attorney". They genuinely cared about the results and even asked on several occasions if the results were what I was looking for. To close this out I will say something silly...I might have hired an attorney, but I can say everyone at the firm is part of my family now. :-)

    - Devin

  • My family doctor and counselor both recommended this firm!
    My family doctor and counselor both recommended this firm! I figure if two people I greatly respect made the same recommendation, I could not go wrong. I appreciated working with this law firm from the moment I called to make an initial appointment. The receptionist was compassionate, understanding and let me speak with one of the attorney's quickly. From there, they scheduled me quickly, came up with a plan of action for my case and got things filed very quickly as promised. When you are worried about your kids, minutes can seem like years! Throughout the six months of my case, I felt like they were on top of every issue and even, at times, they discussed/raised issues that I had not thought of or considered. In the end, through their efforts to be prepared, we ended up being able to settle the case with a better outcome than I could have hoped for! I have thanked my doctor and my children's counselor for the referral and suggested that they send everyone in need to this firm! A ++++++!

    - Laureen

  • I am quite impressed
    I am quite impressed with both attorney Davis and Pingel. I doubt you will find another law firm in the area who knows family law as much as these attorneys. They have a friendly staff, they do whats right, and they do it by the book. You will be impressed with the service they provide. i was especially impressed on how well Mr Davis went to fight for me in my court case. Very smart attorney who gives a very powerful argument.

    - Ladd

  • Far surpassed our expectations.
    On a recommendation from a colleague we chose to work with Mr. Davis. We are in the military and out of state. His staff did everything possible to assist us in this difficult time and far surpassed our expectations. Unlike some other firms, they have paralegals do as much as possible to minimize the cost to the client. Due to our case we are forever thankful they did that.

    - Spyral

  • This firm did a great job
    I just wanted a simple divorce (no real property and no children). This firm did a great job of resolving my case quickly, as painlessly as possible and cost-efficiently. I am very pleased with their work!

    - Morgan

  • I am really happy with this firm
    I am really happy with this firm. When I called they said they are not a father's rights firm, but a firm that fights for parents who want to do the right thing. In spite of that, I had difficulty finding a firm I felt would fight hard for me as a father to have custody. This firm went to the mat on my behalf, never seemed unsure of how to handle challenges as they came up in my case and ultimately helped me, as a father secure custody of my two young children. I think this firm made a world of difference in my children's lives!

    - Ron

  • I really appreciate this law firm
    I really appreciate this law firm and all they did for me. I really felt they wen to bat for me and fought hard for the things that were important to me. They got me everything I wanted.

    - Annie

  • She met and exceeded all of my expectations
    I was referred to Attorney Pingel by a friend of mine. She met and exceeded all of my expectations and was contrary to the "attorney stereotype" I was expecting. I loved the team approach and involvement I was able to provide for my case. I frequently got returned calls or emails from her into the evening hours so she could respond to my issues when she was busy. I hope I never need a family law attorney again, but if I do, I know where I'll return to! Thank you for everything!

    - Momo

  • I appreciate the personal service I got
    I appreciate the personal service I got, they answered all my questions and now, as a single dad, I have custody of all three of my children. I'm certain it wouldn't have been possible without this law firm!

    - Tim

  • It went quick and smooth
    They helped me with an adoption. It went quick and smooth and the total costs actually ended up being less than they originally estimated! Thanks for making our family complete!

    - Marla

  • I am so happy I used this firm!
    I am so happy I used this firm! I researched several options and after speaking with several firms, elected to move forward this firm. I like that there is a female and male attorney and that the paralegals were able to work with me on some minor issues, to save me money. They told me in my initial consultation that they have a policy that all calls and emails are returned within 24 hours and they held true to that throughout my case, such a relief when you are going through a stressful situation! In the end, I felt this office fought for me where it counted and encouraged me to consider my children in all I said and did. Hopefully, I won't be back to court anytime soon, but if I am, I feel confident having this office in my corner!

    - Jason

  • The Attorneys, Paralegals, and Support Staff of this firm worked tirelessly
    The Attorneys, Paralegals, and Support Staff of this firm worked tirelessly to save my daughter from a horribly abusive situation. They acted quickly and professionally. Through their Team Approach, we were kept informed of the progress and developments of our case, even those we reside thousands of miles outside of the Continental United States. We know that our 4 year old daughter would not be here today, without the tireless dedication of these professionals. Thank you so much for all you did for our daughter. Her life is forever changed for the positive because of your skill, dedication, and effort!!

    - Kelly

  • I felt it was handled in an expeditious, professional and caring manner
    I feel blessed beyond words that I found these attorneys- after a lengthy court battle where nothing was accomplished, I switched to these lawyers. From the day they took over my case, I felt it was handled in an expeditious, professional and caring manner. You, too will be blessed by using this firm!

    - Adam

  • I can't begin to express my thankfulness
    I was referred to Patrick M. Davis & Associates by a friend. I can't thank the friend enough! The attorneys at this office helped me through every step of a difficult process, explaining my options and showing compassion and patience with difficult decisions I was faced with. Most importantly, when I called, I always had my phone calls answered, or if both lawyers were in court, I either had a return call or a telephone conference scheduled within 24 hours of my call. It provided such peace of mind to know that I had such direct access to my lawyers when I really needed them. I can't begin to express my thankfulness for finding this law firm when I truly needed them!

    - Tera

  • They worked tirelessly on my case
    Very rarely in this world do you run across a business of any kind where the employees pour their heart and soul into what they do. When it comes to my family, nothing is more important. I didn't know where to turn, and I hired Pat & Mandee on a friend's advice. They worked tirelessly on my case, even giving up nights and weekends with their own families, to make sure that my kids were protected from a desperate situation. They took the time to research & study my case so that we were prepared in court for anything the other side might throw at us. They were confident and commanding in the courtroom. It gave me great comfort to know that they were advocating for me. In my opinion, is no one more qualified, more dedicated, more organized, more experienced. The staff was intelligent and friendly, and they kept me informed throughout the process. I can highly recommend this practice to anyone.

    - Jason

  • This is a very professional firm
    This is a very professional firm with a high regard for ethics. They take the time to do a complete research before trial so as to minimize surprizes when in court. They do not act like some legal firms do by not doing research, then asking for continuance after continuance in order to mask their incompetence. The staff is very knowledgeable and capable. The fees are in line with other law firms of the same caliber. They are very effective in communicating with the clients in a timely and relevant manner. They take the time to keep abreast of changes in the law and communicate those changes to clients who need to know. I highly recommend this firm.

    - Linda

  • Great law firm
    Great law firm. Kept me posted as to every aspect of case. Great communication. Staff execptionally knowledgeable and helpful. At trial, I have never seen lawyers more thoroughly prepared as to every aspect of case. The organization was outstanding. I highly recommend this firm.

    - David

  • I would endorse them strongly for anyone searching for excellent and extremely hard working attorneys!
    I would highly recommend this firm. I have worked with Attorney's Patrick Davis and Mandee Pingel for many years. I would endorse them strongly for anyone searching for excellent and extremely hard working attorneys. I can't say enough about their professionalism, communication skills, and the personal caring and attention that you receive from these most genuine professionals. I am most impressed with their dedication to each individual case and how they go above and beyond for every personal case that they encounter. Their fees are very reasonable for this high level of service. They have a respected reputation as some of the best attorneys in Kansas City within their specialized field of law.

    - Eric