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Although it can be extremely stressful, there are some circumstances where a child must be removed from their parent's home. If the health and safety of the child depends on it, you may need to take action to take over guardianship.

What Is Guardianship?

In Missouri, guardianship is a legal process that grants someone the decision-making rights for a child or incapacitated person. Whether the child in question is being neglected, has been abandoned, or is suffering from physical abuse, you may need to petition the court for guardianship. Guardianship can also help adults or the elderly when they cannot make decisions for themselves regarding their finances, health care, or other personal decisions.

If you wish to become the guardian to an adult or a child in need, you should not hesitate to hire a Kansas City guardianship attorney to represent you. Seeking guardianship is the most effective way to ensure the child or children do not become wards of the state or remain in a dangerous situation.

Common Reasons for Seeking Guardianship:

  • When your grandchild has been left with you and their parents are gone
  • When your grandchild is not being taken care of by their parent(s)
  • When your niece or nephew is being neglected because of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Cases of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Special needs adults or children who need help

Striving for the Best Outcome in Guardianship Cases

Our goal at Davis | Family Law is to help protect the best interest of the children or adult in question. We know that there is always more to the story and we work to get to the bottom of every unique circumstance. With more than 35 years of experience, we understand the delicate nature of guardianship situations.

You can rely on our guardianship attorneys in Kansas City, MO to tailor our legal guidance to your individual needs and provide you with caring and dedicated representation. We take the safety of all people involved in the cases we take on very seriously.

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