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Are you considering filing for divorce in Missouri? Have you been served with a divorce filing? Our Kansas City, MO divorce lawyers can assist you. There are many different complications and factors involved in every divorce case which require a competent family law firm to guide you through the process.

If you want to learn more about dissolving your marriage or your partner is seeking to dissolve your marriage, our legal team at Davis | Family Law is here to handle your case. We understand divorce is one of the most emotional and stressful experiences you can go through, which is why it is especially important to have a caring lawyer to work with.

Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First In Kansas City?

The court and judge usually look at both party’s information equally. However, it can make a difference if you file first. When you have decided that divorce is your only option, who files first can affect the subsequent proceedings. Depending on how volatile or amicable the break up is, you can hold the element of surprise.

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Is Missouri a No-Fault Divorce State?

In Missouri, the grounds for a couple to file for divorce are not based on marital fault. Instead, both states grant no-fault divorces, which means that the only reason needed for divorce is that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

While some states such as California only require a spouse to state this, Missouri requires a spouse to prove that the marriage is broken beyond repair. If the other spouse doesn’t agree or the judge determines that the marriage could be repaired, then a legal separation might be granted instead.

Courts do allow marital faults to play a role in the decision-making regarding other related matters such as support and property division.

What Is The Divorce Process in Missouri?

There are a few aspects to note regarding the divorce process in Missouri:

  • Residency requirement – A couple must meet the residency requirement for divorce in order to file for divorce in Missouri. The state requires that at least one of the spouses is a resident in Missouri for 90 days or more before the couple can file for divorce.
  • Waiting period – The waiting period for a divorce in Missouri is 40 days. This means that divorce can’t be finalized until at least 40 days after the initial petition is filed. Of course, divorce often takes much longer than this.
  • Basic process – The basic steps in the divorce process are 1) the “Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage” and 2) the “Service of the Divorce Petition”. The filing spouse must file the initial petition and ensure that the other spouse is served with the divorce papers. Both spouses will need to submit a “Statement of Income and Expenses” in order to disclose their financial information.

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Comprehensive Divorce Representation in Kansas City

With more than 35 years of experience practicing family law, the Kansas City, MO divorce lawyers at Davis | Family Law are committed to providing exceptional legal representation and guidance. We know that every divorce case is different and we are prepared to provide counsel as you pursue any type of divorce. One of our lawyers can help you put together a divorce agreement which is thorough and covers all of the important details.

We handle a wide range of matters relating to family law and divorce, including:

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When you hire our firm, you can rest assured that we truly care about the outcome of your case. Our legal team is known for being experienced, dedicated, and especially caring. We work with clients who have their children and family's best interest in mind and work to support you throughout your divorce. If your divorce is contested, you can count on us to aggressively litigate for you. We handle cases and conflicts that other attorneys won't.

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