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The establishment of paternity brings with it a number of different privileges and legal rights for both the child involved and the biological father. However, establishing paternity is not as simple as believing you are the father of your child (or your husband or partner is the father). There is a complex legal process which is involved and you may need a Kansas City paternity lawyer on your side to help ensure that your rights are protected.

Throughout the years our family lawyers have been in practice, we have helped many of our clients establish paternity. Contact Davis | Family Law today for more information. 

Legal Reasons for Paternity Claims

At Davis | Family Law, our Kansas City family law attorneys are committed to taking the time to understand your needs and produce favorable results on your behalf. We are here to assist you whether you are in the midst of a divorce, legal separation, or going through another family law matter calling for the official establishment of paternity. You can rely on us to treat your sensitive issue with the dedication and compassion it deserves.

When a child is born to a married couple, it may be easier to establish paternity rights as the husband is typically presumed to be the father. However, if a child is born out of wedlock, there is an acknowledgement of paternity document which must be signed to establish legal rights.

A few reasons to establish paternity include:

  • To establish custody or visitation rights
  • To take away custody or visitation rights
  • To enforce child support payments
  • To get released from child support payments
  • To make legal decisions for your child
  • Attempting to stop or allow a relocation

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