For more than two decades, the Law Offices of Patrick M. Davis & Associates, PC have assisted individuals and families in Kansas City and throughout Missouri with legal representation in a wide range of family law matters.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Divorce & Divorce Modification
  • Enforcement of Third Party Visitation Rights (Grandparents)
  • Paternity & Paternity Modification
  • Enforcement of Child Support Judgments
  • Annulment & Legal Separation
  • Adoption
  • Child Custody, Visitation, & Support
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship (Third Party Custody)
  • Enforcement of Parental Rights & Visitation
  • Child Advocacy and Ad Litem Services

For more information on the services we provide, please see our practice areas overview.

Family law disputes can prove to be some of the most emotionally difficult situations a person may face.

At the Law Offices of Patrick M. Davis & Associates, our attorneys and certified paralegals work to compassionately guide you through this chaotic time, explaining your rights in easy-to-understand terms and promptly responding to all inquiries.  We are recognized as leaders in family law throughout both Kansas and Missouri, and have achieved successful results in even the most contentious court battles.  Our attorneys regularly take on high-conflict custody and asset division disputes, conducting detail-oriented investigations to present the court with a full picture of all relevant financial information and details concerning the best interests of children.

To ensure that our services are as efficient and cost-effective as possible, we employ the latest technologies, such as electronic organization of documents and evidence.  For an ethical, experienced family law attorney, contact the Law Offices of Patrick M. Davis & Associates, PC today for a free courtesy consultation.

Law Offices of Patrick M. Davis & Associates, PC is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our attorneys provide family law services in the Andrew, Buchannan, Caldwell, Cass, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Platte, and Ray Counties of Missouri.

Our firm represents clients in more than twenty states, including Kansas, where he has assisted clients located in Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotee Counties.

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